Appartment rental with AC

It would be great to see the calendar in action. Post your links here (preferably direct to the calendar). I may well add these links to a page in the actual Ajax Availability Calendar website if I consider them to be interesting implementations (ie due to the styling or for actual use)

Appartment rental with AC

Postby Garfield » Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:35 pm

http://www.appartement-nieuwpoort-aan-z ... ender.html

thank you for an easy to use and configure calendar.


On this page:
http://www.appartement-nieuwpoort-aan-z ... vatie.html

I have a simple reservation form, requesting a period (between two dates) with a date picker (I choose this to eliminate the problems with parsing dates). Some simple checks are made (to date not before from date, period still available ...) and then the period is marked as reserved in the calendar.
If there is interest in this, I can post the code.

ATTENTION: It's a live site, so please do not play around with it, or you will be making reservations ;) .
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