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My first site.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:39 pm
by manamaga
Hi guys, I have just finished a demo website for a potential customer and used the calendar on it, I used the iframe method to embed it onto the website, thus keeping customers on the site and not navigating away ;) . I have been working with joomla quite a bit of the past few years and only just started to 'sell my wares' as it were. Chris, i`d be more than happy if you would like to use the site for any promo material, and i`ll also post here any other sites i hope to make as a result of my first. Only one thing, i`m not sure how much i should be charging, it would be great if you guys could have a look and let me know how mych you think i sould be charging for a website such as this demo :D . The link below is directly to the calendar page first of all. Many thanks!