Unknown column 't2.desc_AC_LANG' in 'field list'

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Unknown column 't2.desc_AC_LANG' in 'field list'

Postby derbrit » Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:20 pm

I feel guilty posting this as I'm sure it's been addressed before. However, I was recently migrated to a new server and had problems with session headers (turns out they didn't migrate the /tmp folder and that's above "html" which is as far as users can access) so I tried to reinstall the calendar but using a restored copy of the database (from a backup on the server). I have had many problems for days but now seem to be down to this one in the Admin Panel which appears to be related to a database column. I deleted the es language from the Admin Panel but noticed that there was still a reference to it in the DB so I deleted it with no change. In the front end (index.php), I get a message saying "Error getting item name".

Help appreciated - the calendar has worked great for several years and without it, my site is suffering.
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