Display problem with 'short months'.

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Display problem with 'short months'.

Postby krejt » Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:11 pm

Chris, we discussed this and other buggies already by e-mail, but you asked me to post them on the forum anyway

On your website demo look at (or browse to) november 2010. Since november starts with a monday 1st it doesn't display 6 rows but 5. That causes the layout to go a little wrong. See it? The height is a tad smaller compatred to the other months. That causes a display problem when November is the last month in a row because the next month tends to get stuck 'behind' it. (Of course this isn't limited to November ;-)

Your answer was: Yes, thanks for mentioning that. I have sorted this for the next version (no release date yet) which will also allow you to define any day of the week as the start day.

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Re: Display problem with 'short months'.

Postby Zen » Thu May 19, 2011 1:52 am

I stumbled upon this too. My weeks start on a Monday, so may not be the case for others.

Case 1
For months starting on a Monday, if there are 30 days in the month then the calendar only adds 5 'blank' days at the bottom, instead of the 12 expected. This isn't a problem with any other days in the month. Tested through to December 2019 & occurs 4 times (the first in April 2013).

Case 2
In February 2017, which starts on a Wednesday, the same occurs.

Hope this helps...

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