Variable names in string edits for Language settings

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Variable names in string edits for Language settings

Postby bhassel » Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:33 am

Added Swedish as a language but discovered that the chosen number of months did not appear in the text when hovering over the "previous" and "next" buttons, instead of "Next 4 months" it lokked like "Next months".

Then I realised that the $numMonths did not transfer to the new language, or maybe it did not display in the edititing of the text, and therefor did not get saved when I saved my changes.

I get the feeling that settings containing variable inputs may not be very easy to edit through the admin interface, as variables used are not being displayed.
If you enter them, they are displayed as plain text when you use the language as it is saved with a "\" in front of the "$".

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