Availability calendar Version 2 finally released!

Availability calendar Version 2 finally released!

Postby chris » Sun Mar 23, 2008 8:13 pm

Well, as promised, I have finally found time to release a slightly improved version of my availability calendar script.

The final release is not too different from the version that I posted in this forum a few weeks ago but I have now made it the only version available from the home page.

Change log:
Version 2.0 Release 2008-03-23
NEW - now has the ability to define morning or afternoon bookings
: "click" to change state from available to booked or from any state to available
: "alt+click" for morning bookings
: "ctrl+click" for afternoon bookings
NEW - multiple language support - includes english, spanish - no limit on number of languages
NEW - define week start day (sunday or monday)

Other than that, I have moved things round quite a lot, creating sub directories for the common files etc.
I have also tried to clean up the code where possible and added yet more comments so as to make it easier to understand what to do
I have moved as many "fixed" variables into the a new "config" file so as to make it easier to configure for your personal needs.

For updating from version 1, I have added a small "Update" script - it should work perfectly with the previous version as this new version only "adds" a column to the calendar database table.

Both the behaviour and the look of the calendar is exactly the same as the previous version.

I would just like thank the users who have sent me questions and suggestions via this forum and via private email, and especially to those who have felt that the script was worth making a donation for - they are most greatfully accepted as this is the only way that the script and my time spent on it is financed.

As always, feel free to ask questions and point out any errors that you come across.

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