Where can I get version with "Provisional" booking?

Re: Where can I get version with "Provisional" booking?

Postby mrmemanuele » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:12 pm

Hi Chris

Thank you for your help.

Finally i have find out what was missing.
So here the function

Code: Select all
function ajax_mod_state(id_item,the_date,the_num,e){   
   //catch key press
   if(keycode=="18")      special_state= "pm";   // SHIFT KEY
   else if(keycode=="17")   special_state= "am";   //   ctrl
   else if(keycode=="80")   special_state= "pr";  //   p
   else if(keycode=="81")   special_state= "bpr";  //   q
   else if(keycode=="87")   special_state= "tpr";  //   w
   else if(keycode=="79")   special_state= "ow";  //   o
   else if(keycode=="69")   special_state= "bow";  //   e
   else if(keycode=="82")   special_state= "tow";  //   r
  else the_key= "ko";

   //    start class
   ajax       =   new sack();
   //    define image span to update
   // set state loading while ajax is executed
   state_elm.innerHTML = image_loading;
   //   define number for grahic to show (needed in completion function)
   elm_num   =   the_num;
   //    call ajax file to update state
   var the_url=update_url+"?id_item="+id_item+"&the_date="+the_date+"&special_state="+special_state;
   ajax.requestFile = the_url;
   ajax.onCompletion =reset_state;

And i have added in the index page (where the calendar is loading):

Code: Select all
<script type="text/javascript">
   //   listen for key strokes
document.onkeydown = capturekeyDown;
document.onkeyup = capturekeyUp;

Code: Select all
<input type="hidden" id="current_key">

the last part i have missed previously so that's why was not working.

Really appreciate your help, amazing how you get time to reply to all post.
Looking for to see version 3 in action .... on a zip file of course :D

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