JS event keys...

JS event keys...

Postby RJK » Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:14 pm

Hi Chris...I apologise in advance for adding another posting to your list of things to read.... That said, perhaps someone else will know the answer to this and can help me!

I've implemented the V2 calendar script and added a Provisional Booking state using the shiftKey. That means for the various options in admin I'm using:

[list=]straight click[/list]

Now....I'd like to add another option and that's where I'm stuck. Specifically it's a state which says the resource is 'unavailable'. With those key strokes I''m using all the standard / obvious combinations. I've been reading up about js event keys which makes me believe this is possible and that somehow/somewhere I probably need to define what keys to use - e.g. 'a' & 'shift' or the like.

Can anyone help me added another state to the calendar?

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