CSS modification

CSS modification

Postby rhart » Fri Mar 06, 2009 2:51 pm

Hi Chris,

thanks for the great script. I'm using it in a modified version on one of my sites. One of the modifications I made is that instead of using images it is using CSS for showing the different date status. You can see it working on http://just4me.nl/availabilty_calendar/

if people are interested in this version I can make the modified files public..
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Re: CSS modification

Postby rainwood » Mon May 11, 2009 10:14 pm

I am very interesed.
tried a while but couldn't get it done with only css and no images. would prefer that because of the performance and easy to change layout.
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Re: CSS modification ...and more

Postby Harald » Wed May 20, 2009 12:23 pm

I would be interested too. Would be nice if you could share your solution.

I like the script - thank you, Chris :D - but I would like to use it with more states:
    not available for booking,
    available (= not in db as now),
    provisional booking/enquiry (for winter month etc., even when in the future),
    arrival/departure day,
    full day booking,
    full day owner's use.
I guess (and hope) rhart's solution will spare me the need to mess around with too many image files.
As I'm not so familiar with Javascript, I also might need some help with the different key codes to differentiate the different states when clicking on the days in the admin version of the script as obviously 'shiftKey', 'altKey' and 'ctrlKey' are not enough.

Another plan is to show always the full year (Jan - Dec, with an automatic "not available for booking" state for past so far "avalable" days plus 3 days from today as preparation time) until I do a switch (e.g. in the config file) or better, to allow the user to switch to "next year".

And I need a way to call the script from a HTML page with the display language as an embedded parameter (multi-lingual website).

Quite a roadmap, isn't it? ;)
Thanks in advance,
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