User only modifications

User only modifications

Postby Cristobal » Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:48 am

Hi, first of all I want to congratulate you for the great work you've done with the Availability calendar.
Second, I'm doing some modifications to the calendar so it works like a booking engine, with the possibility to book a hotel room, register with more information from the user, confirm the booking with an online payment and have a message board between the user and the hotel administrators.
I'm almost done, but I want that the users can only change the state of the booking from pending to available, this way the only one who can confirm the booking is the administrator. (When the user registers he marks some days in the calendars which stays as pending)
The second thing i'm having problems with, is that when the user makes a reservation for, let's say, 4 months from now, when he logs in, he won't see he's booking until he clicks in the arrows to go to the month of he's reservation. The thing is that I want that, only in the user (not admin) view of the bookings page, the first month in the view is the month of his reservation.
Thanks for your help. If you're interested in the modifications I did to the Calendar I can send them to you. In some parts I didn't understood your coding (I'm kind of amateur in this subject) so I worked directly with the database.
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