extend theme (no css knowledge needed)

Got some ideas as to how the calendar could be improved?
No bugs, no installation issues, just your ideas as to what could be added or changed in this Availability Calendar (remember, this is NOT a bookings calendar by default)

extend theme (no css knowledge needed)

Postby zomba » Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:21 pm

Hi, I have one idea: A page called "extend theme" were anyone without CSS knowledge
can personalize the calendar in detail on his own way, selecting how many months, the colors that are used for all the items, uploading backgrounds, selecting font, font-size, changing booking state images.. ( CSS3.0 + HTML5? )

With example so that the result can being seen. It would be nice if such theme can be
saved ( if you need to reinstall your calendar very handy) and can be shared, here on your website (nice to download different styles for the calendar if you want something fresh, or other colors for the different states)

with kind regards,

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