Make calendar code asynchronous - demo available

Got some ideas as to how the calendar could be improved?
No bugs, no installation issues, just your ideas as to what could be added or changed in this Availability Calendar (remember, this is NOT a bookings calendar by default)

Make calendar code asynchronous - demo available

Postby kuczora » Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:39 pm

As covered at length in my "IE9 loading GIFs" post, the calendar is unresponsive to the point of uselessness when using Internet Explorer, which is such a shame as it works so well in all other respects.

AJAX is meant to be asynchronous, and I must say that the modified code I'm running at is just so much more responsive having made the mods that I described in my post.

I would strongly suggest that you make your core code asynchronous - the changes are relatively easy to implement.
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