My 2 cents : deep simplifications, no DB and jQuery

It would be great to see the calendar in action. Post your links here (preferably direct to the calendar). I may well add these links to a page in the actual Ajax Availability Calendar website if I consider them to be interesting implementations (ie due to the styling or for actual use)

My 2 cents : deep simplifications, no DB and jQuery

Postby yoyo2000 » Mon May 23, 2011 10:35 am

hi Chris and all

Great thanks for your work.
I needed a simple booking calendar and your's was very pretty but not so simple.
I also didn't want some data base and prefer jquery.
So i made my simplified booking with your code.
The datas are stored in a text file.
The result is just 2 pages :
- index.php => show the booking calendar for the visitors
- index-admin.php => let the admin configure the dates (no security check here)
...and of course all the other files for ajax, js and css.

You can do all you want with it (and also clear this post if you think it's unappropriate)

All you need to test it
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